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Today, companies have to operate in a dynamic environment. It is essential to seize opportunities and at the same time proactively address risks. Thommen Law & Risk Management LLC helps company owners, small and medium-sized enterprises in all industries as well as start-ups to identify, evaluate and solve legal challenges at an early stage.

Thanks to many years of legal experience in industrial operations, Thommen Law & Risk Management LLC is your personal and practical partner for legal advice and risk management for customized and individual solutions.

Practical and solution-oriented legal advice

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My offer

For many small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), having their own legal department is a luxury they cannot afford. Large law firms prefer to focus on larger clients. Also, their fees are often beyond the means of SMEs. Legal advice from associations is often limited to a general assessment of the problem. This is where Thommen Law & Risk Management LLC can help you as a more personal and practical partner for legal advice and risk management, be it on a case-by-case, project-based or temporary basis.

I advise and support company owners, businesses and start-ups on all legal issues that arise and thus practically form the legal department of these businesses. Transactions requiring notarization (incorporation of companies, amendments to articles of association, advance directives, marriage contracts, inheritance contracts and wills in the context of succession planning / risk management, etc.) are handled for you by my trusted notary. In the case of legal disputes, I instruct and guide my litigating partner attorney for you. If necessary, I can also call on a network of proven specialists such as tax experts, trustees, auditors and lawyers in Switzerland and abroad at any time: Your needs can thus be covered from a single source in a cost-effective, efficient and sustainable manner.

Your outsourced legal department

Many years of corporate experience allow me to answer my clients’ questions not only from a legal but also from a business perspective. Take advantage of this and make Thommen Law & Risk Management LLC your outsourced legal department so that you can focus on your core business.

Working languages
German, French, Italian and English (raised in France, Ticino and German-speaking Switzerland, English business fluent / Professional working proficiency).

“Everything should be as simple as possible - but not simpler.”

Albert Einstein

Your personal legal advisor

Areas of activity

Thanks to my many years of practical experience in nationally and internationally active industrial (aerospace and defence) and transport companies, I advise and support you in national and international legal matters as well as in risk management. Pragmatic and tailor-made according to my motto: “Everything as simple as possible – but not simpler”.


I not only answer your legal questions, but solve them before they become a problem. Contact me without obligation and explain your concern.

Contact me without obligation and explain your request.

Needs-based and transparent

Fee design

Your needs determine the form of cooperation and the fee structure. During a free initial consultation, we will jointly identify your legal challenges and you will choose from the options below.

Whatever you choose, you will find an individual and flexible fee structure based on the model of cooperation and the expected order volume.

The fee is always a flat rate for all expenses. My own entrepreneurial experience obliges me to work in a cost-conscious manner and to provide transparent billing. My clients regularly describe it as efficient and fair.

Ad hoc

Consultation for an individual case or for a specific legal issue.

Temporary or project-based

This can be for the accompaniment of a project, a substitution or support in case of a staff shortage.

As a service in

Advising on all legal issues that arise and thus suitable for work as an external legal service.

Notarial services

Corporate law, advance directives, estate planning.

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